Do you want to build a STEADY list of new patients...
without having to rely on referrals or clunky old marketing?
You know that social media is a huge asset to your dental practice. It's a solid way to reach potential patients, expand beyond your immediate market, and stop relying on word-of-mouth referrals for business. 
But dentists are busy being dentists. Am I right?
You've tried other things that took way too long and were WAY too complicated (and expensive) or worse...didn't work!
You’re looking for something simple.
Something that will engage patients.
Something that will bring new patients to your door 
— and fast.
Hi, I'm the Digital Hygienist
My name is Karlyn Williams, but clients call me the Digital Hygienist
That's because I help dentists implement clean, simple marketing system on social media.
I created an online system specifically for dentists that 10x patient rosters on autopilot. Set it once, smile daily. :)
I Was Born Missing 14 Teeth Congenitally... 
The dental space is my passion, which is why I've got an incredible drive to help dentists because their expertise has been so instrumental in my life. You see, my situation up in my mouth is one research papers and case studies are made of... Non-Syndromic Oligodontia status over here. 
My Periodontist Even Wrote On My Chart...
"A Patient With A High Dental IQ"
Because of the team of experts I had alongside me during my journey, who restored my confidence, I knew I had to find a way to give back to the industry that gave me so much.
It's my mission to help dentists just like you make running your practices easier by setting your systems of acquiring new patients on auto-pilot in a way that doesn't take a ton of time or sweat equity from you.
I'm going to train your receptionists and front desk staff on how to get this simple system running for YOU!
Arm yourself with the proper tools and skills to drill down your digital, once and for all!
Let's get started!
How To Set Up for Success & Give Them What They Want
How To Utilize a System To Acquire More Patients
How To Connect The Dots From Audience to Offer

Dr. William Wilson Jr., DDS, MS
Prosthodontist, Fairfax, VA

I feel very fortunate to have met Karlyn. I feel like she is major part of my team and her passion for assisting me and my staff was contagious — you just can't help but get excited about this stuff too! Through this system, we were able to make contact with new patients with very little effort. In fact, we saw a spike in new patients the first month we adopted this system. Because of her personal experience as a dental patient, Karlyn brings a unique perspective to marketing dentistry. At first I didn’t understand all of the “social media language”, but Karlyn does, and she also understands the language your patients will understand. I think as dental professionals we were trained and often use language that we see as “professional”, but not as relatable to our patients as Karlyn will craft for us. If you’re looking to get results with your marketing efforts, work with someone who has the drive to see you succeed, work with Karlyn.”
- Dr. William Wilson Jr., DDS, MS
Prosthodontist, Fairfax, VA

Dr. Jennifer H. Diaz, DMD, MS

“Ms. Karlyn Williams display of unyielding support to assist in growing our practice is unparalleled. She would unselfishly give us her time to patiently layout a plan to draw us closer to our vision. The building blocks she provides are practical and useful based on her experience as a patient. I highly recommend her technical skills and services, without hesitation, to anyone who are then ready to bring their dental practices to the next level.”
-Dr. Jennifer H. Diaz, DMD, MS

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